Wireless Network Cards


Building the IT system of your business is as vital as creating the physical infrastructure within which you operate on a day to day basis. For many organisations, whether small or large, a wireless network offers the ability to grow and change as the business does, and wireless network cards play a key role in creating that network.

Although wireless network PCI cards are useful for converting a PC into wireless computing devices, most businesses are now going for mobile devices such as laptops and tablets with built-in wireless adaptors and then adding a AIRONET Access Point to create a wireless network without the need for devices to be connected by physical Ethernet cables, which can be restrictive.

Why not use the same capital to build a modern and secure wireless network instead of upgrading old PC’s with PCI network cards?

Wider Network

Wireless network cards can be fitted inside laptops, notebooks or desk top computers to allow them to connect to a wider network. Investing in the best possible equipment is clearly important, as the data which is transmitted over this network represents the building blocks from which any successful business is constructed.

Best Hardware

Any problems with a wireless network have the potential to halt work entirely or to jeopardise the security of the data being shared. Investing in the best possible hardware is often a prohibitively expensive option, however, and that’s why the My Next Box offer is so appealing.


Our refurbished network cards will enable your business to build the best network possible at a fraction of the normal price. Despite being refurbished, our brand name hardware has all been tested by our technicians and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. This means that cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting corners or sacrificing peace of mind, something which will become apparent as soon as you receive your premium packaged items.

The other massive plus point of refurbished items is that they represent a genuinely eco-friendly alternative. Sustainable procurement of this kind can be instigated throughout a business, and represents much more than simply a green box-ticking exercise. By shifting away from the assumption that hardware has to be purchased new you’ll be massively decreasing the carbon footprint of your business, something which many customers now prioritise when making purchasing decisions.

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