Wireless Network Adapters


If you’re running a business on a fairly tight budget – particularly if it’s a start-up or an SME – then building a stable and scalable IT network probably sometimes feels like an impossible task. If you’ve saved money by purchasing older laptops, but wish to create a wireless network, the most viable option is to invest more money on installing wireless network adapters in those laptops.

Creating a Network

These adapters will enable you to create the kind of wireless, flexible local area network (LAN) which is a must for any modern business. This is particularly true when bearing in mind the fact that the people working with you will doubtless have smartphones, tablets and other devices which could play a part in the work they do if they could be connected to the LAN.

Refurbished Equipment at My Next Box

If you’re thinking that purchasing these adapters is an expense your growing business can’t meet, then take a look at My Next Box and there’s a chance you’ll think again. We stock refurbished hardware manufactured by the most trusted names in the business, and we offer it for a fraction of the normal cost and we do so without any drop in the quality provided.

Every one of our adapters has been tested by our team of technicians and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. When you take delivery of a refurbished wireless network adapter shipped in premium packaging you’ll have no doubt that you’ve made the right decision.

Green Policies

As well as enabling you to build a reliable network without breaking the bank, our hardware will help to instigate or promote a genuinely sustainable procurement programme. By purchasing refurbished equipment you’ll be playing a part in protecting the environment from waste and damage, helping to make things better for the next generation and meeting your corporate commitment to green policies in a manner which goes way beyond simply ticking boxes.

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