Wireless Adapters


Virtually every modern business relies upon a stable and secure IT network. If you’re a small business or start-up, then there’s a chance that you’ve tried to save money when building your network, perhaps when choosing the wireless adapters you use.

Leading Brands

Trying to build a system using hardware which is frankly second rate is asking for trouble. A much more intelligent approach is to take advantage of the combination of value and excellence offered by our refurbished equipment. You can still create a system using hardware manufactured by leading names such as Cisco without breaking the bank, and our guarantees of quality will provide complete peace of mind.

Less Expense

Wireless adapter cards will allow you to convert older laptops into wireless units, enabling you to expand and modernise your infrastructure without the expense of replacing the laptops themselves. By purchasing from My Next Box you’ll be able to cut the impact on your bottom line dramatically while ensuring that your systems keep pace with the latest developments.

Sustainable Procurement

Every item we sell has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty and will be shipped in premium packaging. Once you’ve installed them within your systems you’ll wonder why you insisted on buying only new items for so long.

Refurbished hardware doesn’t just save money. It also creates a virtuous cycle of procurement based upon sustainability and a commitment to the environment. By taking advantage of the excellence of our refurbished items you’ll be minimising your impact on the wider ecosystem and underlining the social responsibility built into your corporate branding.

If the cost of upgrading your system has put you off doing it to date, then this is your opportunity to keep pace with the competition and create the kind of IT infrastructure capable of growing and changing as your business does.

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