Why choose Refurbished IT hardware?


Mention refurbished IT hardware to many people and they might assume that shifting away from purchasing new equipment means accepting a drop in quality. That’s not the case. There are many reasons why you should choose refurnished IT hardware.

When you shop with My Next Box all items come with a 12 month Return to Base warranty, so peace of mind is par for the course. Not only that, but we specialise in refurbishing high quality items by trusted manufacturers like Cisco, so reliability and stability come as standard.

Reasons why to choose refurbished IT hardware

The case for purchasing refurbished equipment is based on sound financial and scientific evidence – it’s the right decision for your business and for the wider environment, and establishing a sustainable approach to procurement overall will provide a huge boost to your branding.

Save money when you choose refurbished IT hardware

The initial drive for investing in refurbished IT hardware is the fact that it offers dramatic savings of up to 75% on the cost of purchasing new. In the first instance this means you can reduce investment substantially, particularly if you’re creating or revamping an entire system. Alternatively, you may opt to invest as much in cash terms but purchase far more in return, creating the kind of IT infrastructure which would otherwise be beyond your reach.

Refurbished IT hardware is durable

In either case, the refurbished hardware you find will be a match for new equipment in terms of features and functionality, whilst actually boasting a lower failure rate. That’s because refurbished hardware has already proved its durability in a working environment, in addition to being soak tested by the experts at My Next Box.

Refurbished IT hardware is has a positive Environmental Impact

The other major selling point of refurbished hardware is the proven benefit to the environment. Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of East Anglia have demonstrated that the production phase of electronic devices is the part of the life cycle which has the greatest impact upon energy consumption and emissions to air and water. Similarly, a study carried out by Xerox showed that refurbishment can reduce the environmental impact of a unit by between 20% and 35%. It’s clear that replacing production with refurbishment produces an obvious benefit for the environment, particularly if the replacement device consumes less energy during operation.

Less investment, increased reliability and a proven benefit to the environment – these are the plus points of purchasing refurbished hardware from My Next Box. If you want to know more about why you should choose refurbished IT hardware please contact us.

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