5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished IT Equipment from My Next Box


When many people hear the word “refurbished,” they initially think of sub-standard products that aren’t capable of doing the job. Here at My Next Box, we’re working to challenge these misconceptions surrounding refurbished IT equipment. SMEs and start-ups alike face the challenges of building, maintaining or expanding an IT network. Aspects such as security, reliability and future-proofing have to be balanced against the budget that’s available. This means that all too often, the result is overspending or settling for a system that doesn’t tick all the right boxes. Investing in refurbished equipment offers a whole range of benefits for businesses. Here are 5 reasons to buy refurbished items from My Next Box.

Lower Prices

One of the biggest advantages of opting for refurbished products is the financial saving. You receive the same quality and assurance as you would when paying premium prices for brands like Cisco, Dell and HP, but for a much lower cost. In many cases, you can get brand name equipment for less than half the price you’d pay for new when you shop at My Next Box.

High Quality

Just because a refurbished item is cheaper, that doesn’t mean you’re settling for second best. All of our equipment goes through a comprehensive refurbishing process to try and get it as close to the original condition as possible.

Every product we supply has been tested and passed, and is then shipped in premium packaging. This highlights that that opting for refurbished equipment doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the calibre of the IT network you’re putting together.

1-Year Warranty

A major concern people have when considering refurbished IT solutions is the warranty period. You can rest assured that the products we sell come with a 12 month Return to Base warranty.

No Quibble Returns

If there’s a problem with your item or it’s damaged in transit, we’re more than happy to offer refunds. Our returns policy is very simple. You can return goods ordered online within 14 days of receiving your original order. Provided that that all items returned are complete and in good working condition, we’ll offer an exchange if possible or a full refund of your purchase costs.


E-waste is detrimental to our environment, as it can end up in landfill, pollute nearby water supplies and cause air pollution if not recycled correctly. So why not adopt a truly green strategy for your business? Choosing refurbished is about so much more than merely ticking a green box or making a token gesture. It’s about ensuring sustainability is at the heart of your IT systems. By opting for refurbished items, you’re creating a virtuous circle in which hardware can be reused to meet your requirements whilst minimising the impact on the wider environment. Here at My Next Box, we enable businesses of any size to embrace a proactive approach to environmental awareness. If you invest in refurbished items, it demonstrates your willingness to take practical steps to instigate a truly green agenda.

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