Single Mode SFP Modules


SFP modules offer an affordable, convenient and reliable means of creating an IT infrastructure which is stable secure and flexible. The fact that the modules can be replaced quickly and easily makes upgrading or maintaining the system something which can be done with minimum disruption, and single mode SFP modules offer distinct advantages over multi-mode.

Longer Distance

In simple terms, an SFP module transmits and receives information or communication via either a fibre cable or a gigabit Ethernet connection, and the narrower wave length of a single mode SFP module allows it to carry signals over a much longer distance. Starting at just 2km, single mode SFP modules are capable of transmitting over distances of up to 120km.

The difference with multi-mode SFP is that they have a wider wavelength and can only work with multi-mode fibre. Whilst multi-mode SFP modules can work with many kinds of optical signals, they have a maximum distance of approximately 500m.

Obvious Choice

The choice of utilising single mode SFP or opting for multi-mode will depend upon the nature of the system which you’re putting together, but the choice of purchasing from My Next Box is the obvious choice to make in either case.

Saving Money

The hardware supplied by My Next Box is refurbished, which means we are able to supply items at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere. Saving money doesn’t mean putting up with any drop in quality, however, since everything we sell has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty and is shipped in premium packaging.

At the same time as saving money and maximising the impact of your investment, you’ll be boosting the environmental profile of your organisation by instigating a policy of genuinely renewable procurement. You can save money, revamp your IT infrastructure and play your part in protecting the environment for future generations when you purchase your hardware from My Next Box.

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