Router Extenders


The key to an effective IT infrastructure is that it provides a stable, secure and efficient environment, and that it can grow and change as your business does. Over time, you may take on more staff, use more devices or work across a larger environment, and all of these are made simpler if you purchase router extenders.

Wi-Fi Capability

The phrase ‘router extenders’ is perhaps a little misleading, as they are more accurately described as Wi-Fi wireless extenders.  In most IT infrastructures your router will have a built in Wi-Fi capability which covers a certain range. Once you extend beyond that range – perhaps by moving to larger premises or expanding your existing base – you’ll need to make use of router extenders.

Cost Concerns

A Wi-Fi extender such as a Cisco AIRONET AIRCAP access point or an Ubiquiti access point will expand the range of your wireless devices and the potential size of your operations. Many people hold back from expanding, or expand without sufficient Wi-Fi provision, because of concerns about the cost of upgrading. When you shop at My Next Box, that needn’t be a concern. All of our equipment is refurbished, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on quality. Everything we provide has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty and is offered at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Sustainable Policy

As well as saving money, you’ll be instigating an ethical, sustainable procurement policy and placing green issues at the heart of your business. Rather than simply ticking a few ‘green boxes’ you’ll be taking positive action for the wider environment at the same time as boosting your business. Once you’ve tried refurbished routers and extenders, we don’t think you’ll ever want to go back.

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