Our Refurbishing Process

Perhaps the most important aspect of any IT system is the degree of certainty it offers. Whether you’re running your own business or providing IT services for others, you need to be able to rely on the hardware which you install, and purchasing refurbished items from My Next Box offers exactly that peace of mind

Many people may be tempted by the savings offered by refurbished items, but concerned about the quality. The My Next Box promise is that our pre-owned items provide the same kind of quality as those bought new, and come with a 12 month Return to Base warranty to match.

What does it mean for an item to be refurbished?

  1. Item is pre-owned
  2. All previous data, configurations and VLANS have been erased
  3. Item is reset to factory default
  4. Unit is fully tested
  5. Unit is physically cleaned inside and out
  6. Components within the unit environment tested with supporting Show Environment diagnostic report
  7. Cosmetic condition is checked and any damaged parts are replaced
  8. All units are upgraded to Grade B and A
  9. Missing badges are replaced
  10. Warranty void label is applied

The My Next Box Process


The products we sell are pre-owned, and the first thing we do is erase all of the existing VLANS, data and configurations before resetting to the factory default. Our expert technicians then physically clean every unit inside and out and run a full testing process.


It doesn’t stop there, however. We want our customers to experience the kind of quality and assurance they’ve previously enjoyed when paying a premium for new items. To ensure that this is the case, we test the components within every unit and produce a Show Environment diagnostic report.

Grade A or B

Having ensured that the item in question is ready and able to perform the tasks it’s intended for, we then check the cosmetic condition and replace any damaged parts or missing badges. The aim of this process is to create refurbished units which all reach the standards needed to be given a grade A or grade B rating.

When our experts have run through this painstaking process the hardware in question will have a warranty void label applied and will then be shipped with a 12 month Return to Base warranty.

The rigorous nature of our refurbishment and testing process, combined with the reassurance of a 12 month warranty, means that our customers can create sustainable systems and make a genuine contribution to the environment, at the same time as saving money and maintaining the highest standards.

For more information about returning items to us, please see our returns policy.