Refurbished Modules

Refurbished modules

No matter the size of the business or organisation in question, regular refurbishment of the IT network is a simple fact of life. Networking modules are a vital part of this process, and refurbished modules allow organisations to create a stronger, more adaptable network.

What Role Do Modules Play?

In simple terms, procuring a module has a similar effect to purchasing an Ethernet or wireless adapter to expand the hardware being used. Examples of the kind of networking modules in question include SFP modules, WIC Interface cards and NM cards.

OEM vs Third Party

When building or revamping a network, the aim is generally to get the maximum hardware for the lowest possible budget. For this reason, people often choose third party modules. These may come at a lower price, but they don’t offer the quality and long term peace of mind of OEM modules from tried and trusted companies like Cisco, HP and Netgear. Our refurbished modules, on the other hand, combine the security of OEM hardware with a significant cost saving.

Refurbished Modules from My Next Box

Despite costing much less than those purchased new, refurbished modules from My Next Box have all been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base Warranty. The fact that we ship them in premium packaging is indicative of the quality of the items. By not purchasing new, you’ll be making a vital contribution to the sustainability of your business and its wider environmental impact.

A procurement policy which places refurbished items at its heart is one which will boost the corporate social responsibility of the organisation and create the foundation for a green approach throughout.