Refurbished Firewalls

Refurbished Firewalls from My Next Box

Protecting the IT network of your business or organisation is something you simply can’t afford not to invest in. Many smaller businesses try to save money when purchasing internet security equipment, but this is a ‘saving’ which can prove extremely costly if a breach of security occurs. Sourcing refurbished firewalls from My Next Box offers the chance to maximise the security of your data and save a considerable amount of money.

Trusted Brands

The good news is that our firewalls can offer just as much protection as those purchased new. We stock trusted brand names such as Cisco and every item we supply has been tested by our team and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. The fact that we ship our hardware in premium packaging underlines the quality we offer for a fraction of the price you’d normally expect to pay.

Corporate Protection

We ensure that every one of our firewalls has been configured correctly and updated. This means that a start-up or SME can achieve a level of protection which would previously only have been available to large scale corporations with sizeable IT departments.

Sustainable Procurement

There are two things which are too valuable to leave to chance: the security of your business and the future of the planet. Purchasing refurbished equipment will help you to protect them both.

Too many businesses rely on sub-standard hardware to look after the vital details of their business and their clients, but our refurbished firewalls combine effective security with a commitment to sustainable procurement. Purchase from My Next Box and you’ll be saving money, playing an active part in helping the environment and establishing a genuine commitment to green policies.

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