Refurbished Dell Servers


Many smaller businesses, including start-ups, take the decision to try and keep costs down when it comes to building their IT network. This is understandable, since the day to day running costs of a business can sometimes seem to take priority. It’s also a mistake, however, since stable IT structures are the backbone of any business. The good news is that creating such a structure is much more affordable if you opt to purchase refurbished Dell servers.

Secure Data

Reliable servers act like the central nervous system of your IT network, ensuring that data is transmitted smoothly and securely at all times. Cutting corners in this department could prove to be disastrous. A single device which fails is much more easily replaced than a server which sits at the heart of several networked devices.

Save Money

Refurbished Dell servers purchased from My Next Box offer all of the reassurance of the Dell name at a fraction of the cost you’d normally expect to pay. The Dell name is synonymous with product which is robust, secure, reliable and hard wearing. Our refurbished servers have all been tested by our team and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. You can save money when creating your IT systems without running any risk of ending up with something which is second best.

Corporate Branding

The other huge advantage of purchasing refurbished equipment is that it enables your business to establish a genuinely sustainable procurement policy, demonstrating a firm commitment to protecting the wider environment and allowing you to include the recognition of green issues as part of your wider corporate branding. It really is quite simple – our refurbished equipment will enable you to save money without cutting corners at the same time as doing your best for the planet and the next generation.

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