Refurbished Cisco Servers


Cisco servers have been a by-word for scalable and efficient IT infrastructure for some time now. The refurbished Cisco servers we supply offer everything you’d expect from the brand, plus a range of other advantages.

The key selling point of Cisco servers is their combination of simplicity, security and flexibility. Pull your domains, routing, switching and storage together in one place, safe in the knowledge that everything is protected by rigorous Cisco security. When you source refurbished equipment, your business can also save money and help to protect the wider environment.

Quality Gurantee

Just because our servers are refurbished, that doesn’t mean there’s any chance of a drop in quality. Every item we supply has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return To Base warranty. Supplied in premium packaging, they’ll enable you to completely update your IT infrastructure for a much lower capital outlay than purchasing new hardware entails. You can rest assured there’s no risk to the quality or security of your computing architecture.

In addition to all of this, choosing refurbished hardware encourages and sustains a circular procurement strategy. This meets your business needs and improves your bottom line at the same time as helping to maintain and improve the environment for future generations.

You’ll be doing your bit for broader social responsibility by putting ethical sustainability at the heart of your business. The Cisco USC server is built to grow and adapt as the needs of your business do. Our servers help to make this change and growth affordable, achievable and ethical.

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