Refurbished Cables

Refurbished Cables


The Local Area Network (LAN) of your business or organisation is a vital part of its infrastructure. By linking computers and different devices within a single location, your LAN enables quick and secure communication, the sharing of data and the pooling of resources. Buying refurbished cables will enable you to build a first-rate LAN at a fraction of the usual cost.

High Quality Cables

Any money spent on your LAN is an investment in the stability and adaptability of your business. As the demands and requirements placed upon your LAN grow and change, it’s vital that the hardware you utilise is up to the task of coping with these changes. The refurbished cables supplied by My Next Box will be of the highest possible quality, ready to meet the standards you need while keeping your initial investment to a minimum.

Tested and Passed

The refurbished CAT5 CAT6 CAT7 CAT8 Ethernet cables we supply have all been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. The fact that they are all shipped in premium packaging merely underlines the fact that you can invest in quality infrastructure without draining your resources.

Boost for Start-Ups

The refurbished cables we supply will enable any organisation, including start-ups, to create the kind of LAN which has previously been the preserve of corporate entities with IT budgets in the millions. As another plus point they will also make it easier for your organisation to establish a sustainable procurement policy and enhance your green credentials.

Rather than buying new out of habit, make the switch to refurbished, and find out just how positive the impact will be on your bottom line and the wider environment. Opt for refurbished cables and we promise you’ll never want to return to paying a premium price for brand new equipment.