PowerEdge R200


When creating an IT infrastructure for your business you have to consider two equally important but often conflicting demands. The first of these is for hardware which has the technical specifications needed to handle the data on which your business depends. The second is to make sure the hardware in question will fit within the physical space available to it. The Dell PowerEdge R200 is a piece of hardware which easily meets both these requirements.

Track Record

The first point to make about this server is that it comes from Dell, a manufacturer with a proven track record of producing durable and effective equipment. The second is that it offers a solution which is flexible and scalable. The processing power within the unit can be varied to suit your needs, and it has the slots and connectivity to deal with future technological advances.

Leading Brands

Many businesses shy away from purchasing leading brands such as Dell because of the expense involved, but opting for cheaper, less established brands is often a false economy. The good news is that you can purchase a refurbished PowerEdge R200 from My Next Box for a fraction of the cost of buying one new, without risking any reduction in the quality of the hardware itself. You can buy this high quality refurbished server for under £100. With max storage capacity being 2TB, this is a great low cost option for a small business wanting to build your own in-house server rack.

Sustainable Procurement

We can make that promise because everything we sell has been tested by our team and is shipped in premium packaging with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. By sourcing from us you’ll be able to build a system which meets your needs now and in the future, at the same time as reducing your capital outlay and instigating a genuinely sustainable procurement policy.

Sustainable procurement of this kind will hugely reduce the impact of your business upon the wider environment, particularly once it becomes embedded in your overall purchasing processes. An eco-friendly approach of this kind won’t just save you money, it will also prove to be a hugely attractive selling point when vying to bring in new customers.

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