Patch Panels


Building your IT infrastructure requires a combination of technical and physical aspects. The technical aspects will revolve around the software and hardware you opt to use, and issues such as the type and capacity of the servers, routers and other devices which you purchase. For many smaller or medium sized businesses, the physical demands of a system can be almost as important, and this is where patch panels can play a vital role.

Different Devices

Although many of the devices which play a role in sharing and storing the data required by a modern business can be linked wirelessly, Ethernet cables still offer a degree of security and stability which wireless options struggle to match. The problem which some businesses then face is connecting a number of different devices using Ethernet cables over a relatively small area, and patch panels make it simple to switch connections from one device to another.

Business Demands

Patch panels come equipped with a number of jacks which varies depending upon the size of the system and the number of devices being connected. Larger panels with more inputs will make it easier for the system to be enlarged and adapted as the demands of a business change.

Leading Names

The refurbished patch panels stocked by My Next Box are manufactured by the leading names in the industry and come with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. That means we can guarantee quality and performance whilst still charging a fraction of the normal price.

Purchasing refurbished hardware doesn’t just maximise the impact of your spending, however, it also represents a truly sustainable approach to procurement. By shifting from the presumption that hardware has to be purchased new, your business will be boosting its green credentials in a manner which can help your branding, at the same time as making a genuine contribution to protecting the environment.

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