Network Cards


Network cards are the kind of basic but vital piece of hardware which people often overlook when building an IT infrastructure. In simple terms, they connect directly to the mother board of a computer and allow it to connect to a LAN (local area network) through an external socket, linking several devices over a small area.

Stable and Flexible

Clearly, for any small or medium sized business a stable and flexible network is absolutely essential. The data which your employees share with each other, and which customers are willing to trust you with, needs to be easily accessible and completely secure. Choosing the right network cards will play a large part in ensuring this is the case.

Brand Name Reassurance

Sadly, many businesses opt to save money when purchasing IT hardware and, as a result, find themselves with an IT system which isn’t fit for purpose. The good news is that My Next Box provides refurbished network cards which offer the brand name reassurance and guaranteed quality of newly purchased hardware but at a fraction of the price.

When building a network with routers and switches, it is important to have a scalable modular hardware configuration which allows for a specific build. Cisco has been great at manufacturing hardware which is modular and includes slots for network interface cards. For example the Cisco 2800, 2900 and 3900 series all have networking interface slots for network cards. You can buy a basic modular refurbished router at a very low cost and build your perfect network with the appropriate network interface cards.

Premium Packaging

The fact that our equipment is refurbished doesn’t mean our customers have to accept a drop in quality, however. Every item we ship has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty, and is delivered in premium packaging. As a result, you can build the best possible system your budget can stretch to, or save money to invest in other areas of your work.

As well as offering a saving on your bottom line and the chance to source the best possible hardware, purchasing refurbished network cards will enable your business to establish a truly sustainable procurement cycle. Costs are kept down, the environment is protected and the green profile of your company is boosted when you purchase items from My Next Box.

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