ISR 4451 K9 Router


Many large and medium sized enterprises operate on the basis of a central head office and then one or more branch offices. Making this operate successfully requires purchasing hardware which can be used to create a seamless and stable IT infrastructure across all locations. The Cisco ISR 4451 K9 is the kind of high performance hardware that makes this possible.

Integrated Services

The Cisco ISR4451-X/K9 is an Integrated Services Router which combines high speed Gigabit performance and layer 7 technology. This means it integrates services and allows businesses to operate a network over a wide area without suffering any drop-off in the quality, stability and security of the media being shared. Services such as video conferencing, for example, can be operated seamlessly using this router.

Save Money

For many businesses, the cost of a piece of hardware such as this becomes an issue. With a Global List price of £13,292.00, it’s really no surprise that some opt to save money and rely on a less reliable or versatile piece of equipment. The good news for all businesses is that My Next Box offers this refurbished router for just £2750.00.

Excellent Products

Purchasing refurbished equipment from us doesn’t mean settling for second best. On the contrary, everything we sell has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty and is shipped in premium packaging. The excellence of our products is just one reason why people return to us time and time again.

The other reason to shop at My Next Box is that our refurbished hardware offers a genuinely renewable solution. By purchasing from us you’ll be building your IT infrastructure in a manner which is genuinely sustainable and minimises the impact of your business on the wider environment. Positive for your corporate branding, good for your bottom line and great for the wider world – that’s the My Next Box promise.

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