Hardware Firewalls


Protecting your IT infrastructure from malicious attack is one of the most vital aspects of any modern business. Just as nobody would ever dream of being based in premises which don’t have locks on the doors and windows, so no business should set up a system without considering hardware firewalls.

Protect Your Data

Whether you’re building a system from scratch, revamping an ageing set-up or working as an outside IT consultant, the security of any system should be at the forefront of your thoughts. Creating the means via which data can be stored, shared and utilised will count for nothing if malicious outside agencies are able to access that data and use it for their own ends. Sadly, whether it’s identity theft, hacking or ransom ware attacks, behaviour of this kind is now so common that installing hardware firewalls is a necessity and not a luxury.

Next Generation

Many businesses may opt to save money and utilise only an online firewall solution. This would be a mistake, however, since next generation firewalls from brand names like Cisco sit between your systems and the internet and act as dedicated security devices which don’t take up valuable system resources.

Guaranteed Quality

The refurbished firewalls you can purchase from My Next Box offer the kind of protection which is taken for granted by large corporations, but at the type of prices which can be afforded by small or medium sized businesses. Every one of our firewalls comes with a 12 month Return to Base warranty as a guarantee of quality, and will be shipped to you in premium packaging.

At the same time as protecting your business, purchasing refurbished hardware means protecting the planet as a whole, by instigating a policy of sustainable procurement. Green policies of this kind are an increasingly important part of any corporate social responsibility, and will impact on your branding at the same time as saving you money and keeping your data safe.

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