Fibre Optic Modems


Purchasing the correct fibre optic modems for a business is a key component of building an effective, robust and flexible IT infrastructure. Fibre optic broadband is currently the fastest means of transferring data, making these modems a necessity for any business which wants to fully embrace the digital marketplace and prepare itself for greater use of data in the future.

If you have fibre optic broadband at home then it’s pretty much certain that your internet service provider will have supplied a modem as part of your package. The Virgin Super Hub is a prime example of this type of equipment.

Why Choose Refurbished Modems?

If you’re looking for fibre optic modems for your business then you’ll want to source the best possible equipment at the most affordable prices. This means sticking to tried and trusted brand names such as Draytek Vigor, Netgear and Cisco, safe in the knowledge that the equipment will be secure, easily configured and capable of dealing with the growth of your business.

The refurbished modems on offer at My Next Box tick all of these boxes and more. By offering refurbished equipment which is every bit as effective as new, we allow businesses to build their IT network for a fraction of the normal cost with no drop in quality. We also make it easy to adopt a sustainable approach to purchasing equipment and instigate a shift toward environmentally friendly policies across the wider business.

With premium packaging and a 12 month Return to Base warranty as standard, our modems offer affordable IT solutions combined with a boost to corporate social responsibility. Make the shift today and automatically buying new will soon become a thing of the past.

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