Ethernet Extenders


Ethernet extenders

One of the most important features of any Local Area Network (LAN) is that it can grow and change as your business does. Your LAN is the wired infrastructure which links the computers and other devices in a stable, secure and flexible manner. Purchasing the right Ethernet extenders will allow you to extend that network whenever you need to.

Growing Business

The current networking protocol for a wired LAN states a 100-metre IEEE 802.3 limit. As your business grows you might wish to extend your network further than 100 metres. At the same time, you want to avoid the disruption and expense involved when you alter the physical infrastructure and the cabling. In circumstances like these, Ethernet extenders provide a practical and affordable solution.

Ethernet extenders of this kind, are ideal for powering parts of your network such as distance security cameras and access points without having to rework the entire LAN cabling.

Minimal Cost

Since they’re aimed at minimising the cost of extending your LAN, it makes sense to save even more money by purchasing refurbished Ethernet extenders. Come to My Next Box and you can source refurbished hardware which is available for much less than the cost of buying new, without any drop in quality.


Every item we sell has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty, and will help your organisation to put a genuinely sustainable procurement policy in place. By opting for refurbished equipment you’ll be lowering your outlay at the same time as giving a clear and practical demonstration of your commitment to a green agenda and the preservation of the environment.

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