Ethernet Cables


While the direction of travel in IT infrastructure seems to be moving toward wireless solutions, there’s no getting away from the fact that Ethernet cables still play a vital role in building a robust and effective system.

Ethernet cables are used to connect a Local Area Network (LAN), physically connecting devices to each other to allow the movement of bits of data. Category 5 or CAT5 were the older version, then CAT5E came along with more enhanced, thicker casing to reduce interference and improve the amount of data passing through.

Speed and Security

The key advantages which cables have over wireless connections are speed and security. Whilst wireless solutions may now be able to boast theoretical speeds which seem to be a match for cables, any wireless connection can still be susceptible to outside factors. Simple aspects such as walls, ceilings and floors can slow a wireless signal down, for example, as can devices like cordless phones and microwaves.


The signal carried by cables, on the other hand, is completely consistent, with the speed offered by the various types of cable remaining constant. In terms of security, the data being carried by Ethernet cables is much safer than that being transmitted wirelessly, being accessible by only the particular devices which are connected by the cables.

Stable Solution

Whilst cables might restrict the physical range of a system, then, they are generally the best and most stable solution for anyone setting up an IT infrastructure within a single location. The refurbished cables supplied by My Next Box offer all of the advantages of a cable which has been purchased new, but at a fraction of the cost.

The fact that our items are refurbished doesn’t mean they represent a compromise on quality, however, since every piece of hardware we ship has been tested and given a 12 month Return to Base warranty. By purchasing refurbished cables you’ll also be adopting a genuinely sustainable approach to procurement, one which can then be expanded throughout your business. More than simply ticking some green box, this will mean you’re business doing its bit to help preserve the planet for future generations.

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