Cisco Switches


The connectivity of a network is a vital part of the smooth running of any business. The different members of your team, and the devices they use, need to be able to communicate seamlessly and securely, and utilising Cisco switches is one way of making sure that this will be the case.

Tailored Solutions

Cisco switches come with the security of the Cisco brand name and with the adaptability to grow and change as the demands of your business alter. The units come with a range of ports and connectivity options, and configuration options which enable you to tailor them to meet your exact requirements.

Many small and medium sized businesses may consider investing in these switches but ultimately decide that the capital investment required is too much. This represents a false economy, since less renowned brand names don’t offer the reliability and longevity of Cisco.

Maximised Investment

Come to My Next Box, however, and you can purchase refurbished switches for a fraction of the cost of buying new. All of our refurbished items have been through our rigorous testing process and are shipped in premium packaging with a 12 month Return to Base warranty. This is a chance to harness the power and reliability of Cisco products at the same time as protecting your bottom line and maximising the impact of your investment.


Purchasing refurbished hardware will also represent a genuine shift toward sustainable procurement and a commitment to green policies which is practical and can play a huge role in the branding of your business. Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their choices on the wider environment, and shifting away from buying new products will enable you to place yourself at the vanguard of eco-friendly businesses. Come to My Next Box for solutions which save you money, meet your requirements and give a boost to your branding in one simple step.

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