When you build or revamp the IT infrastructure of your organisation you have several aims in mind. The first of these is to create a system which is capable of handling the workload placed on it for the most affordable possible price. The second is to work in a way which means the system will be able to grow and change in the future, as the demands of your business alter. The Cisco C3KX NM 10G is a network module which can play a large part in making this happen.

Four Slots

The C3KX NM 10G is a 4-slot network module for the WS-C3750X series Cisco switch. Two of the slots on the module support 1-Gigabit SFP modules and the other two are able to support 1-Gigabit SFP modules or 10-Gigabit SFP+ modules.

The 3750X switch has a modular feature which enables additional modules to be added in order to increase the number of SFP ports available in a quick and simple manner. The C3KX NM 10G module provides additional ports to those which are already built into the switch, allowing users to expand a system over a wider area in a manner which is technically simple and practically achievable.


If you purchase your refurbished modules from My Next Box you’ll be procuring hardware which has been tested and passed with a 12 months Return to Base warranty and will be sent to you in premium packaging. The fact that the hardware in question has been refurbished means that it is available at a fraction of the normal price with no drop in quality.


Purchasing refurbished items also means you are creating a sustainable ethos at the heart of your procurement policy. Not only will this mean you’re playing your part in protecting the environment, it will also enable you to place this green ethos at the heart of your corporate branding.

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