Best Wireless Modem for Your Business


Any modern business needs an IT infrastructure which is fit for purpose, and finding the best wireless modem is a key element of this.

In most networks, the router and modem are now integrated into one unit and have wireless capabilities. This will enable you to connect all of the wireless devices within the business to the wider network, something which has shifted from being preferable to being utterly imperative.

What’s the Best Wireless Modem for My Business?

For a small business, the choice of the most suitable wireless modem will hinge upon two factors: effectiveness and affordability.

In terms of effectiveness, a Cisco 887 series router, specifically the C887VA-W-E-K9, offers modem capabilities as well as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DCHP) and routing. Its firewall features satisfy security concerns and its wireless capabilities, combined with the peace of mind of the Cisco brand, make it a great modem for many purposes.

When it comes to affordability, purchasing a refurbished modem shifts the parameters completely. Although refurbished items are significantly cheaper than the equivalent purchased new, this doesn’t have any impact on the quality they offer.

Modems from My Next Box

We offer a range of refurbished equipment here at My Next Box. Our modems and routers have been tested and passed and arrive in premium packaging with a 12 month Return to Base warranty.

When you buy refurbished hardware, you won’t just be saving money. You’ll also be instigating a sustainable procurement policy which sources the best products available whilst minimising the wider environmental impact.

Opt for refurbished over new and you’ll see an immediate impact on your bottom line and a longer term shift in the ethos of your business and your eco-friendly policies.   

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