Best VOIP Phone for Your Business


The advantages of Voice Over IP (VOIP) as a means of communication are usually reduced to just the one word – savings. Although the dramatic reduction in cost is a key selling point, the best VOIP systems offer a wealth of plus points for any business.

To put it in the simplest possible terms, VOIP means making phone calls over the internet rather than via traditional phone lines. If you’re creating, expanding or revamping the communication network of your organisation then the best VOIP phones offer the following

1. Simplicity

When compared to having phone lines fitted, installing, configuring and maintaining a VOIP system is quick and easy. Any hardware or software involved can be installed in-house, saving time and money. Once the system is in place, it can easily be scaled up as your business grows.

2. Flexibility

You’ll never suffer the wasted expense of installing phone lines you don’t need, or the inconvenience of having insufficient lines for your requirements.

3. Portability

A hosted VOIP system means that your people can access their lines from wherever they happen to be, via a web portal which makes use of the adaptability of cloud hosting. Once the system is in place, it moves with your business.

4. Integration

Being internet-based makes VOIP easy to integrate with other business applications such as email and diary features, offering a boost to planning and day to day logistics.

All of this depends upon purchasing VOIP hardware which is compatible with aspects such as the internet access and broadband speed available.

Get in touch with My Next Box and we’ll help you to create the best VOIP system for your business, utilising high quality refurbished equipment to reduce costs at the same time as underlining your commitment to an eco-friendly procurement policy.

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