Best Server for Your Small Business


One of the most difficult aspects of running small businesses is replacing or updating equipment and infrastructure. This is particularly true where the IT architecture of a small business is concerned, as this is an area which changes more rapidly than most.

Until now, finding the best server for businesses has been a question of shopping around to find the best price for equipment capable of meeting the minimum requirements. The refurbished servers available at My Next Box alter this equation dramatically.

What are the benefits of refurbished hardware?

A key advantage of shifting away from buying new equipment is that it allows your business to cut the cost of updating your IT ecosystems. It also gives you the option to allocate the same budget but greatly enhance the scope of the refurbishment possible.

Perhaps even more importantly, purchasing refurbished equipment creates a virtuous circle of sustainable and ethical procurement. The environmental impact of the servers you buy will be minimised, and the role your business plays in protecting the wider environment will come to the fore.

In an era when corporate social responsibility plays an increasingly important role in building bridges between businesses and the public, sustainable products of this kind can help even the smallest business cut through and make an impact.

Servers from My Next Box

The refurbished servers we supply are better than new in many senses of the phrase. Each piece of equipment has been tested and given a 12 months Return To Base warranty, offering a guarantee of quality and peace of mind for your business. The fact that we ship our goods using premium packaging underscores the quality of our offer.

Put simply, a refurbished server is best for your bottom line, for your ongoing IT requirements and for the world we’re helping to create for future generations.

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