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The issue of internet security is one which seems set to become increasingly urgent in the coming years. As businesses and organisations of every type rely on the gathering and storing of data, having the best firewall software you can afford in place is essential.

Here is some information to help you decide on the most effective firewall to protect your business.

Personal Information

Whether you’re a start-up, a small business or a larger organisation, it’s certain that you’ll be in possession of vital personal information on the people you deal with. This may include financial matters such as payment details and bank account specifics as well as facts which would enable hackers to appropriate an individual’s identity without their knowledge.

Refurbished Hardware

The fact that multi-national companies such as Uber, Yahoo and Equifax have suffered breaches in recent years merely serves to underline the threat posed to organisations of any size. Turning to My Next Box for your internet security requirements means you’ll get high quality refurbished firewalls as well as the peace of mind your organisation needs.


What is the best firewall software for your business? We recommend the latest Cisco firewall hardware, ASA5516-FPWR-K9, which is provided with Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) built-in. In the single device it provides advanced threat and breach detection as well as the means through which to remedy any security issues. For the best results, the hardware should be used with the latest relevant software, which is Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.4(1) and Device Manager Version 7.5(1) as well as ASA941-LFBFF-K8.SPA.

Environmental Security

By purchasing refurbished equipment to ensure internet security for your organisation, you’ll be saving money without compromising on standards. Every item we sell has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty, and will be shipped in premium packaging. This kind of procurement policy embeds sustainability within your business at an infrastructure level and helps you contribute toward protecting the environment and the planet as a whole. 

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