Best Ethernet Switch: Choosing the Right Switch for Your Business


Whether you’re building an IT framework from scratch or overhauling an existing system, your overriding aim is to build a robust network whilst keeping costs to a minimum. A large part of this will revolve around finding the best Ethernet switch for your budget, and the refurbished switches we offer provide the perfect solution.

For a long time, purchasing refurbished equipment has been regarded as something of a risk. Come to My Next Box, however, and you’ll find the right Ethernet switch for your needs, tested and certified by our team of experts. Every switch comes in premium packaging with a 12 month Return To Base Warranty. We offer a guarantee of quality and peace of mind for a price you simply won’t find anywhere else.

For many of our clients, Cisco switches are the most versatile. Cisco switches equip your network with Layer 3 switches capable of acting as a switch and a router. The system you put together using Cisco switches will be flexible, durable and highly secure. Not only are they built to last, they’re designed to grow and change in line with your requirements. HP switches also offer outstanding quality.

Why Choose Refurbished?

There are many benefits of buying refurbished instead of new. When you buy premium switches like 3750G or 3750X, you pay a fraction of the usual price without compromising quality. At the same time, you’ll be instigating an ethical and sustainable procurement policy, reducing the impact of your business on the wider environment and taking a major step toward developing an eco-friendly approach.

Need guidance on sourcing other refurbished equipment for your business? Here’s how to choose the best server.

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