ASA 5506 K9


As businesses and organisations of every size become increasingly dependent on data and wireless communications, the issue of online security becomes increasingly vital. A piece of hardware like the Cisco ASA 5506 K9 can play a vital role in keeping your IT infrastructure safe.

Online Threat

The threat of online attack comes in many different forms, from malicious attacks aimed at damaging systems to ransom ware attacks in which systems are frozen until money is paid, and hacking aimed at gathering personal and financial details. What these and other forms of online threat have in common is the huge amount of damage they can do to your business.


That’s why a Cisco firewall should be a part of your IT infrastructure. It’s a ‘next generation’ firewall which offers advanced  protection from the latest threats and can help you to cope with an attack before, during and after it takes place. The data you have on your customers, employees and any goods and services is one of the most valuable resources of all, and the ASA 5506 K9 will provide protection which can adapt and change as the nature of the threat does.

Tested and Passed

The Cisco brand name comes with a guarantee of quality, but budgetary concerns may lead to many businesses investing in less effective firewalls. The good news is that refurbished firewalls from My Next Box will be a fraction of the cost of a new unit without any drop in quality. All of our items have been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty, offering complete peace of mind at the same time as protecting your bottom line.

By purchasing refurbished equipment you’ll also be committing to a genuinely sustainable procurement policy, protecting the environment and the rest of the planet at the same time as safeguarding your own business.

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