24v PoE Switch


Virtually every modern business relies upon an IT infrastructure which is stable, secure and flexible. Utilising a 24v PoE switch is one way of building or revamping a system of this kind, and the refurbished switches on offer at My Next Box represent the best possible value.

Lower Costs

The fact that every switch we stock is refurbished means that we can offer it at a fraction of the cost of buying new. However, that doesn’t mean you’re risking any reduction in quality. We supply the very best brand name equipment and every item has been tested and passed with a 12 month Return to Base warranty.

A 24v PoE switch is a common choice for powering 24v IP devices, delivering data and power through a single line and via a single port. Although the majority of unmanaged PoE switches are 24v, it is possible to source those which can power 48v devices.

Technical Details

When choosing a switch, it’s vitally important to check both the 24v capabilities of the equipment in question and the total wattage available for those periods when all 24 ports are in use. If you’re uncertain of exactly which switch to choose then please feel free to contact our team and discuss your requirements.

Low Cost

We provide Cisco managed switches which can have each port configured for an individual device. The WS-C3560G-24PS-S is a low-cost PoE Gigabit switch which, when purchased from My Next Box, offers even more advantages. Despite being refurbished, our hardware is shipped in premium packaging.

As well as building or revamping the IT infrastructure your business needs, refurbished switches will instigate a genuinely sustainable procurement policy, underlining your commitment to the environment and to instigating practical and effective green measures.

You can also browse our refurbished HP switches.

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